Zefram is a superhuman Sales Development Rep (SDR). Yes, it’s made from thousands of lines of code and runs on silicon, but it does real things that traditionally belonged to humans – especially at the beginning of the sales pipeline.

Two things

Zefram 1) selects the next company you should talk to and 2) starts this conversation.

Deeply understand domain and value

To argument anything, you must first deeply understand the beauty in what you’re offering: what value does it bring to the world? What makes it different from anything else on the market? What benefits does it yield for different use cases?

For company founders this is 100% clear, but for any other person in a company, the number is lower.

Do you dream of a world where you could write down your value proposition once and expect it to be applied exactly as you wrote it, to everything that is done after that day? Well, that’s how Zefram works.

Zefram listents patiently. Whenever you learn a new insight about the market or your value proposition, Zefram uses it in everything it does. Unlike a human, it remembers even the smallest things you mentioned on day 1, when everything was new and ambiguous.

microchip microchip

Humans: "Where did I park my car?"

Computers: "You parked in spot Y24 on level 3, exactly 37 steps from the entrance."

Prospecting Prospecting


Average B2B sales team members spend 30% of their time prospecting. They must follow the market, gather data, check company backgrounds and filter out companies that are already in the sales pipeline. This takes a lot of time and effort.

Zefram’s database has millions of companies, each enriched with public and open data, extending every day. You can easily define the market you wish to speak with, and let Zefram take care of the rest.

You can create your own company sorter, which allows Zefram to sort prospects based on how similar they are with the examples you have given.

Zefram also integrates with popular CRMs, so it takes into account the activities done by the human members of your sales team.

Find contact details

Find contact details

As long as companies don’t register their official one-stop-avatars, there’s one requirement to start sales: you must have a company representative to speak with.

When finding one, Zefram does everything a human would do – and more. It browses the web and does many kinds of checks and validations to ensure that the person actually still works in a given company and that the messages shall land in a valid mailbox.

You can let Zefram know the kinds of people you prefer to meet, and Zefram puts all efforts to meet your preferences.

Build arguments

Building great arguments is an art that differentiates you from your competition – being any message that the recipient gets.

When you can specifically argument your unique value to the specific recipient – whether in an email, call or meeting – your message is different from any other message, and you build trust.

Three things are required in crafting strong arguments:

1) deep knowledge about your offering and the recipient
2) courage and
3) time.

Superb sales people handle parts 1 and 2, but even they are limited with time.

For each conversation, Zefram tirelessly takes into account your value proposition, uses millions of company data points, and arguments why this unique conversation is justified and beneficial for both parties.

microchip microchip

For a computer, "fear of rejection" is just a set of characters. it does not know it exists.

Open conversations

Open conversations

At the end of the day, this is the most crucial part of sales. Even if you’d know a company who needed your services, you’d have the email of the person who made the decision and you’d have a finalized sales pitch with solid arguments in front of you, if the email was never sent or the call was never made, you didn’t get the sale.

Zefram brings the data to life: after completing all the necessary steps to generate a beautiful sales email, it actually sends it.

Even if no humans were around today, your sales team did desired things towards the market.

Zefram integrates with Outlook and Gmail mailboxes to deliver messages automatically. It also makes it very easy to send pre-written SMS’s.



Remember the times you were inspired when crafting a follow-up message to a person who never replied? Neither do we. Even though we know that a single follow-up message can boost reply rates over 40%. Luckily, Zefram is built different.

Zefram makes sure that the prospects you want as a customer will get all the effort they deserve. It humbly creates and sends follow-up emails with the same dedication as initial messages.

Engage people Engage people

Engage people

In every way technically possible and psychologically reasonable, Zefram works for your benefit. However, there are actions in which humans perform better, and should be involved for best results.

In such cases Zefram asks help from human team members, and provides the best possible background information to complete the task.

For example, Zefram may ask a human colleague to make a call. In such case Zefram provides the person with the past email conversation, arguments used, and data about viewed emails and clicked links. The call is not a cold one anymore.

To make this as effortless as possible, Zefram provides a mobile app (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).

Manage calendar

Manage calendar

Quite often the main target is to get a piece of recipient’s time, i.e. to book a meeting. If you get a sales email – even a good one –but it’s not simple to engage in the process, you ignore it.

Providing an online calendar link in emails is a game-changer for sales efficiency. It simplifies the scheduling process and removes the back-and-forth typically involved in finding a mutual time.

It also signals respect for the recipient’s time, fostering a positive first impression.

Zefram integrates with your Outlook or Google Calendar and provides the prospects with an easy way to choose a suitable time to hear your proposal.



“Our CRM is 100% up to date” is true only at the moment when the CRM is purchased.

That’s why – just like all other members in your sales team – Zefram records its actions to your CRM.

Zefram integrates with popular CRM systems (currently Pipedrive, HubSpot CRM, Dynamics Online) and supports webhooks, to keep your sales reports up to date and other team members informed.

Report progress

Report progress

Coming soon

Every sales manager dreams of “being on top of things”. To know what’s going on and where to put time next.

Zefram is the most systematic member of your sales team. It remembers to keep you updated of what’s happened: how many new companies we’ve contacted today, how many of them have shown some kind of an interest, how many calls we’ve made and how many meetings we’ve booked.

Zefram is at your service via Slack.

Build networks

Build networks

Coming soon

Connecting with prospects in relevant social media platforms like LinkedIn enhances credibility and personalizes the sales experience.

It also expands your marketing channels in the long run, since the connections will be exposed to your value propositions.

By showcasing your expertise and company value you build trust that is required in sales.

Zefram makes it easy for your sales team to build networks, foster stronger relationships and increase the likelihood of successful engagements.

Reply messages

Coming soon

Once a message is sent, it’s quite often replied to. As great as that is, it also means work.

To take a simple example, would you love a company who sent a tailored response back to your “sounds great, but no thanks” reply? There are not too many of those.

For topics within Zefram’s capabilities, Zefram takes the burden of replying to emails from your human team members, and makes sure your company provides service that is extremely professional, exceptionally fast and uniform in quality.

For topics that go beyond Zefram’s knowledge, Zefram asks help from human team members, to render the best service.

Get data on-demand

Get data on-demand

Coming soon

It’s likely that the need of your service can be estimated for a given company – even before the contact is made.

For example, a company who has lately hired a lot of people, but hasn’t moved in five years is likely to need a bigger office. A company who just launched a new product is likely to need marketing services. A company who just hired a person is likely to need a new computer.

Zefram knows a lot about companies, but not everything – at least not yet. That doesn’t stop you from using the best possible data points in prospecting and arguments.

You can easily expand Zefram’s skills by acquiring on-demand data that fits perfectly your needs, and make it possible both to find the most relevant targets and build the strongest arguments.

Sounds good? It can be all yours. Shall we get started, aye?