Sales automation on super-human scale.

Build smarter sales flows with Zefram platform.

Powering remarkable connections with AI and ML.

Not just another SDR

Eliminate the boring tasks behind sales. Focus what you do the best and enjoy meaningful meetings.

A new dawn for modern sales processes

The new era of sales is here. Automation, ML and natural language processing can help take your sales processes to the next level. Zefram is at the forefront of this change, providing a tool to automate and enhance B2B customer interactions.

Lead generation and validation

Create a ranking model to identify potential customers to contact at any given time.

Data driven message automation

Automate your sales process while simultaneously adding personalisation to your sales messaging.

Mobile app for salespeople on the move

With our handy mobile app, your sales goes where you go. Access your current deals, contacts and more from anywhere. Be reminded of upcoming tasks and current events.

“Zefram has freed our salespeople to the more meaningful tasks.”

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