Zefram modernizes prospecting and frees up salespeople’s time


Through the help of artificial intelligence, companies get higher cost-effectiveness and reliability in repetitive sales work tasks, such as prospecting. This frees up salespeople’s time for more productive tasks.

Currently, there are big ongoing changes in sales work. The use of AI is constantly expanding, as shown by the widely discussed Chat-GPT. The application performs various tasks, such as conversation, writing, and translation, with a speed and accuracy never seen before in human history. While the arrival of AI can feel controversial or even scary, it’s important to remember that AI brings new opportunities to businesses.

By utilizing the latest technology, companies can save resources and increase efficiency. Zefram’s AI minimizes traditional, routine-based tasks in the sales process, increasing work efficiency and satisfaction. In this blog post, we will showcase the benefits of Zefram in prospecting tasks.

Prospecting with Zefram

Zefram enables sales teams with a new, efficient, and enjoyable way of performing the actual sales negotiations before tasks like prospecting. Finding the right prospects, who need the company’s products or services is crucial for the success of the business. Unfortunately, too often, decision-makers receive completely meaningless sales calls, so sales work is not in the best possible reputation. This problem summarizes one of Zefram’s goals; enabling good, mutually beneficial sales negotiations in a cost-effective way.

Zefram vs. Salesperson doing background work:

➤Increased efficiency
To do sales, salespeople usually spend hours finding potential clients. Zefram greatly assists with this. Zefram leverages millions of data points, such as various data registers and social media sources, to identify potential clients. By allowing salespeople to focus on sales and other interesting tasks, their energy levels and motivation may increase. This allows the salesperson to invest more in the quality of customer relationships. Artificial intelligence-powered prospecting is also extremely reliable. Performance remains high every day and artificial intelligence doesn’t have the same weaknesses as humans, such as concentration issues.

➤Cost reduction
Zefram also enables a reduction in staffing resources, as it can perform the same early-stage sales tasks as a hired salesperson. A general rule of thumb is that an employee’s total cost to a company is about 1.5 times their gross salary compared to Zefram. This number can be used when comparing a salesperson’s costs to those of Zefram.

Zefram provides a reliable option for sales prospecting.

Zefram in booking tasks

Quite often a sale requires a meeting with a potential customer. Some companies have booked these meetings on their own, while others have used partners. Zefram brings a new convenient approach to fill the calendar with invaluable meetings and saves time for other tasks. 

Zefram vs. The Outsourced Booking Service

➤Increased Efficiency
By using Zefram for bookings, the sales organization has better control over its choices. The salesperson has more flexibility when the matter can be handled internally and conveniently on the Zefram platform. Internal booking also helps the company create a stronger and more unified brand, as the company’s internal team produces all marketing communications.

➤Cost Savings
Zefram can also enable cost-effective operations. Since reservations are handled easily and smoothly, the company does not need to use booking services and thus can save significant amounts annually. When using Zefram, there is no need to pay commissions or service fees to outside entities.

Zefram’s AI brings benefits to companies and frees up salespeople’s time for more productive tasks.

The benefits of Zefram’s AI become evident when compared to a company’s various functions and expenses. In this post, we focused specifically on prospecting and bookings. Another area of use for Zefram is, for example, marketing automation. As many companies today seek cost-effectiveness and savings, new technologies like AI are welcome. It is likely that companies that understand the opportunities and benefits offered by AI will perform better in the future.

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