Write data-driven sales messages on scale with Zefram


With the ability to automate data-driven and personalized messages at a large scale, Zefram combines the best of two worlds.

In sales, effective communication is key to success. Personalized messages have been shown to boost sales results, but they can be incredibly time-consuming to write, especially when you have many potential clients to target.

This is where Zefram steps in: our AI-powered platform automates the creation of personalized sales messages at scale, using open data points and customizable templates.

Data can help a lot…

At Zefram, we know that there is a huge potential in accessing company data, as knowledge can improve both sales conversations and sales outcomes. A company can learn a lot about their potential customers through data. 

…but what you do with data matters most!

We also understand that it’s not just about having access to data, it’s about using it in the right context. Zefram takes data management to the next level, with a whole system working in favour of salespeople. This system combines relevant data points with standardised message templates to create unique and valuable sales messages.

When you use data to state the right facts, in the right context, amazing things happen. You will have an easier time relating to your clients, as well as a higher chance to achieve successful business outcomes.

Zefram lets you stand out from the crowd through unique openers.

Practical examples of message creation with Zefram

When you write a message with Zefram, you can include changing data points for every new company. These data points are categorised as “smart tags”. Some examples are names, job titles, company names, locations, revenue- and staff changes. By including these smart tags in a dynamic way, you can create highly unique messages that are based on facts. 

In the following example messages, we have combined smart tags to message templates. In these fictional scenarios, firms from various industries use Zefram to contact their ideal customers. 

•Example 1: Real estate services

Hi First Name,
We noticed your company Company Name has had fast growth, a +20% growth in revenue last year, and you hired 7 new employees. Congratulations on the success! Maybe is it time for a move soon? We would like to offer a bigger space for you, in your neighborhood, at Spring Street 15. If you wanna know more, please book a slot in the calendar for a meeting: https://calendly.com/superhouses/schedule-a-tour
Best regards, Sam Salesman
Super Houses Oy

Example 2: Marketing / educational services

Hi First name,
We saw that you are currently hiring a Marketing Specialist for your company Company Name. Our agency offers consultation services to marketers and executives in start-up companies like yours, founded within two years. We benchmark the top-performing start-up’s marketing activities, to provide a high-class course to our clients. Would you like to kickstart your marketing and join the top-performers? Book a meeting with us here: https://bit.ly/3dRztBw
Kind regards, Mindy Marketson
Mind Marketers Oy

•Example 3: Moving services

Hi First Name,
We realized that Company Name has grown a lot, with 10 new employees during the last year. Congratulations! In case you are moving to a new address in the near future, we at Mover Boys are ready to transport your items in a safe and convenient way. Find our full list of services at: https://moverboys.com/services
Greetings, Mark Moverson
Mover Boys Oy

Unlock the full potential of your sales messages with Zefram

In this blog post, we have presented Zefram’s data-driven message function and a few example use cases. Using relevant data in the right situations gives you a chance to make concrete offerings right from the go. In fact, only fantasy sets the limit when it comes to making truly creative and unique message templates with Zefram. 

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You may also be interested in reading our other blog posts, such as how AI is revolutionizing sales and exploring Zefram’s prospecting capabilities.

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