Sales is changing – Three positive impacts of artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence changes B2B sales work, and provides new solutions in the early stages of the sales process. 

Just like many other professions, sales is expected to change in the near future. We live in a digital world with artificial intelligence on the rise, which in turn provides new approaches to traditional ways of work. Within the field of sales, AI can already be used to enhance tasks in the early stages of the sales process. By automating technical tasks, salespeople can spend more time on other important things, like building meaningful customer relations.

Artificial intelligence in practice

But how does AI support the salesperson in practice? Doesn’t sales require human-to-human interaction, emotional intelligence, and other skills that machines are lacking? Yes, this is true, but a typical sales process also includes parts that could definitely be automated. In this blog post, we will go through the early stages of a sales process and present three ways in how Zefram’s artificial intelligence leads to better results. 

How Zeframs interface looks like in the desktop view.


Zefram’s artificial intelligence improves sales processes – Three positive impacts

As mentioned, the sales process comprises different stages. Salespeople always want to close deals and to make it happen, some preparation is usually needed. Let’s take a look at what happens before the call, and what Zefram’s role in this equation is.

#1 Prospecting – Identifying potential customers

On a typical day, the salesperson contacts new potential customers, in the so-called ‘prospecting phase’. During prospecting, the salesperson tries to find the most suitable customers for his product or service. The list may include 5-10 new companies, selected in advance and based on a set of criteria. In general, a well-done preparation leads to a better understanding of the customer’s situation, and a greater chance to close the deal. However, prospecting is often time-consuming. As working hours are limited, so is the time allocated for this task.

→ Zefram’s AI handles prospecting and finds the best targets

Zefram handles prospecting by suggesting the most ideal customers in a matter of seconds. Through its advanced algorithms and pre-defined criteria, Zefram compiles a list that ranks and sorts the best companies to target. In this way, prospecting becomes significantly faster than it would be if it was done manually while stacking up high-quality leads.

Zefram lets the user take advantage of smart filters to find the right targets. Zefram finds best prospects through the “AI-ranking” and manual filters. 


#2 Sales conversation – Initiating the first contact

Next up, the salesperson grabs the phone – it’s time for the first contact. Often, the opening line consists of a compliment, combined with an observation of something company-related. Generally speaking, the first contact is very important, as there is only one chance to build a good first impression. But even though most people are aware of this fact, it’s not always easy to come up with a good opener. It can feel hard to truly relate to the customer’s situation. Clumsy openers might complicate building a meaningful connection, leading to an undesirable outcome in the sales conversation.

→ Zefram’s AI builds the foundation for conversation starters

Zefram’s artificial intelligence builds a functional opening for the sales conversation. In this example, Zefram has created an opener that is based on relevant observations. For example, Zefram has spotted strong annual revenue growth in Company X, and as a result, they hired 5 new employees. The system assumes that the client is ready to move to a new bigger office space. Zefram suggests a nearby address that could perfectly fit the company’s needs.

Zefram crafts new messages through AI. Zefram crafts working openers for the user’s sales conversations.

(This automated message can be fully customised by the user)

#3 Saving time – a scarce resource

The benefit of AI is that it can do many repetitive tasks that would otherwise consume much time and energy. Freeing up space from these tasks allows the salesperson to focus on other important aspects of the sales process, those tasks that provide the most value.

→ Zefram’s AI saves time for more productive tasks

Leveraging Zefram’s artificial intelligence, salespeople have more opportunities to work on their interaction skills and to create and maintain better customer relations. In addition, artificial intelligence is tireless, and its success does not depend on an individual.

No need to spend countless hours finding customers manually anymore…

The future is already here, welcome to join.

Today, many sales professionals are still skeptical about the idea of using AI in everyday work. However, as observed in this blog post, the future is already waiting around the corner. Our product is not here to totally replace human contact but to improve repetitive steps in the sales process like prospecting and conversation starters. We strongly believe that companies that implement the use of these new techniques could gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets, both today and in the future. 

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