Zefram backed by VC’s and angel investors


This text was written by our CEO, Tuomas Rasila in August 2021. Although there have been many changes at Zefram since then, our philosophy remains.

This company was founded a year ago. We believe computers can find and build better connections between humans than humans can alone. We have built a machine that makes these connections in the B2B world, where every conversation tends to happen for a well know reason. Most often that reason is trade. The very reason for this text too is trade, as I am promoting a solution that I wish to sell.


In the marketplace where everyone is bombarded with high volume and low insight solicitation, we built something completely different. A machine that will write a message for you and select a recipient for you, to get you into a conversation. In this conversation, everyone wants to be talking with an agenda that is meaningful for each person. With this in mind, consider that you are driving on a freeway and get a flat tire. Two minutes later a truck stops next to you and the driver greets you:

“Hello, seems like you have a flat tire, I’d be happy to fix that for $50 and you’ll be back on the road in 15 minutes”

This would be a great rendezvous for both. It would be a short and fruitful business negotiation with mutually beneficial outcomes. At Zefram, we are building these kinds of confluences with pre-set agendas on daily basis.


First of all, any type of conversion that leads to business is crowded by nature. The most crowded conversations are probably top-level offerings. “Software development services, sir?“, “Insurance policies?“, “Perhaps a new office space or an opportunity to be featured in a trade journal?”. But the key to writing a message that will be read is to isolate oneself from the masses. This can be done by saying the things that others cannot say. By knowing:

1. What kind of conversation do you wish to have?

2. With whom and when could this conversation happen?

3. How to prove in closed form that the value proposition is real and unique.


The best way to tell what we do and what can be bought from us is to tell what our current customers do. Our customers are mainly commercial real estate owners, who rent office space for companies. Every time a tenant leaves, they need to find a new tenant.

1. We follow through with ever-increasing amounts of publicly available information about all of the companies that could become their next tenant.

2. On a daily basis we find the most lucrative opportunity for a new tenant. This is being calculated from a standpoint of both parties. We can predict the tenant who would benefit most by renting the space

3. Finally, like a ghostwriter, we generate the first part of the communication, the initial message to start this conversation with a pre-set agenda. This is being delivered to our customer, who reads it and sends it to the recipient.

Final thoughts

That’s it. This is the minimum effective dose of sales that needs to happen to yield extraordinary results. In this blog, we intend to dive deeper into the insights of these conversations. We do believe that the next version of a market economy will be built upon the idea of having near-perfect communication even in the most customizable products. We also believe that big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, NLP, and game theory will be the intersection of this new world.